Precision Funding with FlexClose® Funding

Imagine controlling the exact time funds arrive for a closing. What if you could fund your loan at any time and without delay or doubt? With FlexClose, you can.

  • Eliminate the Fed wire cutoff with warehouse lending through FirstFunding and First American Trust®, FSB
  • Dictate the exact time for funding without delays from Fed processing or waiting on bank receipt
  • Remove the doubt surrounding wire fraud schemes

What if Your Funding Wasn't Tied to the Clock?

How Does it Work?

Funding through a traditional closing can take hours and is susceptible to interference by wire fraud criminals.

Traditional Closing

Funding with FirstFunding and FlexClose takes minutes and eliminates interactions where criminals can intercede.

FlexClose Funding

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Get more information about working with FirstFunding, Inc. Ask about FlexClose, FastPass and FUEL, our proprietary loan management and funding technology.

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