Targeted Warehouse Lending Solutions

FirstFunding provides training, support and technology solutions for lenders and secondary-market investors.

  • Education and support on managing and selling the correspondent channel
  • Marketing support for lenders and secondary-market investor account executives
  • State-of-the-art technology for transaction processing and reporting
  • Customer performance information

Solutions for Flexible Funding and Closing

With FlexClose® Funding, you have the power to dictate the exact time for funding without delays from Fed processing or waiting on bank receipt. This level of control also removes any doubt related to wire fraud schemes.

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Solutions for Correspondent Lenders

Correspondent lenders need the wire order process to be easy and transparent. FirstFunding provides real-time reporting of warehouse line activity, the ability to manage purchases, comprehensive reporting and risk management through one simple online platform. FirstFunding makes it easy to manage the loans that are on your line at every stage of the transaction from wire request to purchase, reconciliation and producing 1098s. FirstFunding generates reports and gathers critical data including days online, outstanding purchases, expiring locks, trends and transactional reports.

FirstFunding also provides training and support to help keep your team operational and compliant.

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Solutions for Secondary-Market Investors and Wholesale Lenders

FirstFunding provides more than just money. As more secondary market investors transition their broker business to a non-delegated correspondent channel, FirstFunding helps navigate the transition. We are dedicated to providing our business partners with the tools, training and support needed to manage risk and profit opportunities and successfully educate their customers in whatever business channel they transact.

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Solutions for Credit Unions and Community Banks

Credit unions and community banks are the perfect fit for a FirstFunding warehouse line. An independent warehouse line provides another option for funding additional programs that a credit union or community bank may not wish to carry in their portfolio. By working with a secondary-market investor and FirstFunding, credit unions and community banks can offer their members expanded options when purchasing a home or refinancing their existing mortgage.

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